The NEW Smith Termite

Dusting off and updating this classic wood constructed homebuilt- Designed and built by Wilbur L. Smith from Bloomington Illinois, her maiden flight was on February 10, 1957. His original 12 page plans set has been laboriously cleaned up resulting in almost pristine drawings. (Image © Mike Powney 2017)

Returning a "forgotten" design to the skies -

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Wilbur L. Smith, was an experienced wooden construction aircraft homebuilder, having built a Pietenpol Sky Scout in 1930. He designed the Termite using chalk on a basement floor. Don Cookman later drew up the plans.
The aircraft is a braced parasol wing monoplane with all-wood construction. The exception being the motor mount, struts and landing gear are made out of steel. It was designed to use an engine from an Aeronca aircraft. Spruce was used as the structural material with birch plywood covering. The spars are from an Aeronca K. The controls are modified from a Piper Cub. The aircraft does not have brakes or a tail wheel.

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